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Crypto Wallet, NFTs &
Gateway to dApps

Shido Wallet is a decentralized Crypto Wallet to buy, store, send and swap Cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

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Download Shido Wallet Now

✔ One of the fastest growing Crypto apps in the industry!

✔ Join thousands of active users, download today for free

Securely Buy, Sell, Store and Send Crypto Assets

✔ Full NFT Support with Gallery View for your Collectibles

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A Next Generation DeFi Wallet

A Next Generation DeFi Wallet

Shido Wallet has a unique set of features that brings DeFi one step closer to mass adoption.

A Crypto Wallet truly for the people with a focus on security, quality and usability. We have developed a Tier 1 Wallet that keeps you in control of your funds at all times. Boosting special features like inbuilt Cross-Chain Dex, Price alerts, Full Fiat On & Off Ramp Solution, NFT Gallery, Ledger Support and Custom Built Web3 Browser.


Most importantly, your assets are safe with Shido Wallet. We have implemented a Biometric 2-Layer Security and authentication as additional layers of security besides your wallet's private password.


Shido Wallet is available as Android App, iOS App and browser extension for Chrome.

Get started today and download it for free. You can easily import your existing wallet into Shido Wallet with a click and start trading.

Inbuilt Cross-Chain Dex

Shido Wallet has an inbuilt Cross-Chain Dex inside the wallet. You are never stuck on a chain with Shido Wallet. Meaning you can trade ERC20 tokens for BEP20 or BTC easily with just a click. Make a Swap with for example ETH to BNB or any other asset directly in our wallet. No need for a bridge or centralized exchange, Shido Wallet opens up new possibilities.

NFT Support & Gallery View

Shido loves NFTs and the ever-growing NFT Community. Shido Wallet has a fully integrated and custom-made NFT Support of the highest standard. Buy, send, store and gallery view your NFTs in an easy way inside your wallet. Connect to your favourite dApps and trade NFTs easily with our custom-built Web3 Browser. Have a piece of mind, your crypto collectibles are safe and secure with us.

Fiat Support On- & Off Ramp

Shido Wallet payment gateway solution offers both Fiat On and Off ramp support. You can easily buy crypto with Fiat but also sell crypto and withdraw Fiat back to your bank account. With a click of a button, you can buy any cryptocurrency you'd like with Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay or Bank Transfer. Buying crypto assets has never been so easy and secure. You can go from Crypto to Fiat and withdraw funds out of Shido Wallet through your Credit Card back to your bank account.

Your Gateway to Web3 dApps

Shido Wallet has a fully integrated custom-made Web3 dApp feature. All important dApps and DEXs are already integrated upon launch in our DeFi section. A click of a button will take you there, connected within the Wallet. Save your favourites, manage bookmarks and search custom URLs in our Web3 Browser. It has never been so easy and secure to explore the world of dApps and Web3.

Easy Access to Cryptocurrency


The All-in-one Crypto Wallet

Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum or other Currencies within minutes

Store all your NFTs and Collectibles in one place

Swap crypto on and cross chains without leaving your wallet

✔ Connect your Cold Wallet and access your assets

Private & Secure, only you have the keys to your wallet

Web3 Browser, connect to dApps without leaving your wallet

✔ Create Price Alerts and get notifications in your phone

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Get started in a few simple steps



Download Shido Wallet today for free and get started with one of the fastest growing crypto apps in the industry. Shido Wallet is available as mobile application for iOS and Android or as Chrome Extension for Desktop.

Upcoming Integrations

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