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Shido Dex is a decentralized DeFi Aggregator, Liquidity Protocol and Perpetual Dex. 

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Aggregation Protocol

Our innovative Aggregation Protocol aggregates never ending liquidity from multiple DEXs in an instant. The Protocol analyzing quotes and fees from all sources giving our users the best possible rates on the market.
The Aggregation Protocol provides aggregation information on decentralized exchanges and networks. It reduce the chances of slippage on large orders and optimize both trade fees and asset prices in an instant.

Shido Dex Aggregation Protocol have high focus on security. We run a verification on all transactions, wich means no funds can ever be lost even if the source itself is unsecure.

Liquidity Protocol

Our Liquidity Protocol enables you to easily earn rewards from your crypto assets. All you have to do is provide liquidity to any of Shido Dex pools. All liquidity providers earn rewards on fees traders pay in exchange operations and extra yield farming rewards paid out in $SHIDO tokens.

You can also construct and manage your own liquidity pools used for exchange operations on Shido Dex. Predetermined liquidity protocol formulas are used to monitor and adjust the different pool parameters.


The liquidity protocol's main characteristics will include swap charge, governance incentive, decay time, and price impact fee.


Limit Protocol

Our Limit Order Protocol allows you to place limit orders on Shido Dex. A limit order is a financial instrument which you can put tokens up for sale at a fixed predetermined price.

When placing a limit order you are automatically leaving instructions to fill buy or sell orders at specific prices. The trade will only be executed if the price on Shido Dex reaches your limit price. Open orders will remain open indefinitely until they get executed or being cancelled by the trader.

If you place a stop-loss order, the order is executed once it reaches the particular price point that you have set. When the price limit is reached, the open position will close to prevent you any further losses on that asset.

Perpetual Dex

Shido Perpetual Dex offers a completely decentralized solution for Perpetual Dex trading. Our platform is able to offer this innovative trading through smart contracts that locks the required funds and allow Shido Dex users to exchange value. Shido Dex will require both lenders and borrowers.

Unlike many platforms, users do not have to over-collateralize their borrowed assets. Traders can use decentralized margin trading to open leverage positions on any of the source DEXs and also split positions on multiple DEXs to optimize the trade.

Users have to deposit a collateral before using funds borrowed from the Perpetual Dex. To open a margin trading position, the trader's only requirement is to make an initial deposit and lock it in a smart contract at Shido Dex.

Borrow funds and open positions across multiple DEXs and amplify their trading capital using our protocol. This is a truly unique and innovative decentralized margin trading product offered by Shido Dex.

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