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Shido Dex DAO

Shido Dex works under the DAO model, instant governance allows users to vote on individual modifications, which is efficient and works with the community directly. $SHIDO token holders and speakers will be able to vote on surplus settings using the Shido Dex Aggregation Protocol Governance Model.

Shido Dex Liquidity Protocol Governance Model is a type of governance in which $SHIDO holders and liquidity providers gain bonus points based on price volatility. Shido Dex Liquidity Protocol's main characteristics will include swap charge, governance incentive, decay time, and price impact fee, which are directly voted on by all $SHIDO token holders and liquidity providers.

Holders of the $SHIDO token have particular privileges for the Shido Dex Protocol’s upgrade. $SHIDO holders can participate in, benefit from, and vote on both Shido Dex Aggregation Protocol Governance Model and Shido Dex Liquidity Protocol Governance Model.

Shido Dex users who contribute liquidity to various pools in the Liquidity Protocol are given governance tokens. New yield farming programs will be developed as part of the Shido Dex Liquidity Protocol, which will improve governance procedures. Liquidity providers will receive 1% of the $SHIDO tokens transferred to the new pools as part of these newly modified initiatives. Shido Dex procedures can make yield farming 300 percent more profitable.

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